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About us

About us

VERCURE is a modern pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products, based on its own development as well as cooperation with multinational companies.


At VERCURE we save lives. Through innovative solutions, we deliver the most affordable and effective treatments for patients, everywhere. We help shape a healthier world that enriches communities.


By 2026: Become One of the biggest Egyptian pharmaceutical company and one of the top Fifty in the MENA region.

An Egyptian company with sales out of Egypt more than inside Egypt. Secure the health of 100 Million Egyptians, 400 million MENA citizens and 1 billion Africans


Our Board is responsible for corporate governance and company performance while our Executive Committee manages the day-to-day business. The Committee meets regularly to provide organizational direction and take strategic business decisions.


Partners trust is based on:

  • Precise Quality
  • Consistent Delivery
  • Global Coverage and Remote reach

Ethics & Compliance

VERCURE is always committed to high standards of ethical conduct of: Innovation, Caring, Collaboration. These values shape the way our people think, work and behave. And ensure the sustainability of our company..


Our company was founded on our dedication to transforming people’s lives by providing the quality medicine and support they need every day. More than four years ago, we established our generic medicines business in Egypt and the Middle East.


The founding pillars of our philosophy, helped our growth and position us as one of the most trusted providers of healthcare products in market: - Customer First - Ownership - Passion for Success - Honesty - Fairness - Respect - Positive Impact

Feel free to reach us through [email protected]